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Básničky, básně

POEMS for you and your loved ones


icon 08.09.2012 icon 2x icon 1555x
I wish I had someone

to steal away my pain.

It's too much to bare,

this aching of the heart.

The tightness of my chest

adds to the pain.

With my free-falling tears,

there is no gain.

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icon 08.09.2012 icon 4x icon 1382x
When the going got tough I wasnt looking for you.
When my back was against the wall I wasnt looking for you.
When my heart was shattered I wasnt looking for you.
When I couldnt trust anybody I wasnt looking for you.
When I felt misunderstood I ...
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icon 31.08.2012 icon 9x icon 783x
A Father's Touch,
A Daddy's Kiss,
A Grieving Daughter,
You're Truly Missed.
An Empty House,
An Empty Chair,
My Daddy's Love
No Longer There.
A Broken Heart,
Tear Filled Eyes,
Another Soul
To Fill The Sky.
Many Memories ...
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icon 31.08.2012 icon 2x icon 943x
For you I'd write a symphony and tell the violas when it's time to sing.
For You I'd run a million miles just to see you beautiful smile.
For you I'd I soothe every fear just so I won't se your tears.
For you I'd give you my whole world if you didn't want to sh...
icon 30.08.2012 icon 5x icon 2174x
I see fire burning in the sky
the flames moved in such a speed.

I watched amazed at how quickely it spread
It had came from the East side, where I was once bred.

Then suddenly it came to me
What I had saw was my own house burning in such a sp...
icon 30.08.2012 icon 9x icon 3535x
Life is a box of miseries
every time you have hope
someone's there to stop it
can't get a grip of reality
you stay in your little fantasy
but soon you will see
there's a different life for thee
one where it is safe
one where you can stay ...
icon 30.08.2012 icon 10x icon 2078x
Spoke words at age 12
Raped by her father at age 13
pregnant at age 15

There was no one to talk to her

Did drugs at age 16
became a prostitute at age 20
was arrested at age 25

To her life was never filled with any thing but pain ...
icon 30.08.2012 icon 5x icon 3792x
I am crushed by your words
you are th devil in my night
your pain keeps me awake
please won't someone end my misery?
icon 30.08.2012 icon 6x icon 1426x
Don't push me
over the bridge of death
I am not the one

I may not be strong
and are you?

Will you be me- an enemy
can you find a remedy

please take this dove
for there is no cure
to mark the grip of death
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