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Poems, poems for a good mood | page 11

Básničky, básně

POEMS for you and your loved ones


Are you sorry now
for causing me pain
you should know
your to blame

Feeling bad for what you just did
You should be since your not a kid

How do you think I feel
when they thought it was me

I knew you were bad
now I'm in jail mad...
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Eternal fire
unlimited death
demons with bells
screams claws bites
naughty and greedy
lies and thieves
those who dont know
those who dont care
those who think they are excused
every evil
and in between
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Dead to the world
I shall no longer be hurt
since I am dead now
By the hands that brought me up...
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I am that thing that burst out in time of sorrow
a pain that bore fruit
a pain that never ends
from generation to generation
until it is ripped thrown out and gone

but I lived
but she held me
but she kept me
then she loved me

for s...
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Look at me and say I'm different
Turn me inside out and say I'm nothing

Burn me with you looks
kill me with your words

Hurt me with what has made me
but remember who you were

Me and nothing more...
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Bright like a beautiful flame
I try to state my game
For it is you I want
to everyone else I claim
I burn like fire
and cry my desire...
So what will you say
are you to be my white fire
or will you just burn up my desire.
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I stand alone
there is no one for me
I must fight

in the shadows, there is no light
my flesh is my own

you shall not move me
I will stand, I will fight

I am here by reason
my eyes is an eagle's claw
Because I always
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I love the way your shadow moves,
It fits the sound of every room,
No sooner spoken than broke,
It drains the light from every hue.

I want to watch the weight.
Of the sun.

You're lips move inward,
But you know the rules,
Erase all...
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She's the diamonds in the night,
And I am the canvas of shade,
She's the snowflakes falling from the sky,
And I am the clouded gray,
As her mirrors cast their light,
I am without a face,
From the egg till stricken blind,
I am the white,
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