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Poems for girls

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She's a shooting star, who crashed wildly into Earth.
No one really knows, quite what to do with her.
But she's an amazing talent.
She's as good as they come.
I see what she's worth.
She's a million in one.
There's no one quite like her.
She's best...
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After a while you learn the difference between hand holding and interlocking souls.
And you learn boyfriend doesnt mean forever and company doesnt mean security.
And you begin to learn kisses arent sealed and present arent vows.
And you begin to accept your hea...
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Beauty in the mirror do you see what I see?
I see an angry girl thats trying to break free.
Beauty in the mirror do you hear what I hear?
I hear her fears, her anger, her nostalgia starting to be real.
Beauty in the mirror do you know what I know?
I know ...
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Everybody gives in
Thats what people do
Everybody gives in
Then they give up on you
Everybody gives in
Then they close their doors
Everybody gives in
Thats why my pain stays
Everybody gives in
Thats when I walk away
Everybody gives in
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Fighting the world with all my might
Hoping to stay alive for just another night
Feeling the innocence soon to be conceived
The face of that man living inside of me
Looking at my future ahead
Almost gone as good as dead
Remembering all the pain and tea...
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My patience a plastic bag
And he kept fillin it
Carryin baggage of others
Is where I emptied it
Played the fool before
I'm not about to let you enter
My mind for my heart draws the bigger picture

His presence embrace me
His lovin so greatly...
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You knew it
You did
You ignored it instead
The fact that me
The baby of the family
Was abused secretly
By the man you called Honey
The one who was gonna be
My replacement daddy
You said "girl you lie'
And at night you were oblivious
It's amazing what you can miss.
Those little moments you never get back.
Our tomorrows become today's.
With only memories of yesterday.
I don't wanna lose what I have.
And I pray I'll never forget.
Because, I know someday,
This is something,
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I know that nobody's perfect.
But some people have it great.
They never make a rash decision.
They never regret what they say.
They've never ever been hated.
They don't know how it feels to be disliked.
All that I am saying,
Is why can't I have that...
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