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Love poems

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Will coming a night and is like a hopelessness.
Is criminal, dismal, plays with paints.
...i will get up and fight ...so that he could live a life

Ill grab the Love, catch the might of the night.
We will fight with hopelessness in threat.
I will be wi...
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Too much, too much
...I won't stand that nights.
And I have to write to you,
show the heat the heart.
I Must vacate,
the empty space.
...heve you hold me close?
you don't have to, I will not leave you!
In a eruptions of love,
we are monsters,...
Walking away, after your shadow
Ignore limitations as desperate
Walking away, cant you see
And I Know...
Heavens are growning in a star fear ...stardust
Yours eyes are hiden a sacred ...sorrow
My triffle ...is so ...hollow
Aren't stay in my dreams ...
All ...everything it gave to us a new days is gone.
Sun was shining then and moon floated
...traveller in a stars
We sailed emptiness, eternal nothingness.
And when I'm look back, back I'm looking...
Darling, now I know, was a lost, like a flame
A day was enough for us.
Moment to words
I Love you!
And Iam cant live without you.
Without embreace, scent of hair
which in the rain are lost.
And when Iam leaving you...
Beauty, It tears me apart!
When you turn
and in the door you dissapi...
You will pass through the fire uninjured.
You are like as of ice,
my love.
Cold you are
and break the heart, life steal.
The fervency extinguishes
with your walking.
Heavens are falling apart
and heart awake.
The smile becomes bitter
and da...
In a Coldly nights,
the soul trembles.
It hurts her fall,
words of the ends.
Becouse didnt come time,
time of rescue.

Didnt come day of heat.

Becouse love grows stronger
and heart them wake up.
Becouse words they are foothold.
Sun a...
In a lonely night,
iam waiting little sign.
Little view and your smile.


From ravine of soul stood up an angel.
Pain fall of and heart aweke up.

You my destiny, my sin.
Medicine of my heartbreak.
You are a dream of all dream....
I Have here bourbon,
book itemized.
Solitude and suffering.

Whiskey disappear,
thoughts are strange
and a time commands to leave.

Its time to talk.
Its time to leave.
Everything set by a path.
In tears torture
...everything goodbye ...
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