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Love poems

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Just let it thunders and
the Lightnings me a Rip.
In the rain them
the Life a changed.
I experience hailstorm.

..Not it so bad
Washes it the lies
and a false.
But and yours smile!

Angel name not
indicate goodness.
Iam not fool....
In my mind when you float is quiet.
I think that Iam found
affinity soul that a hearken.
Thou are what me warms,
when the Mind ist declines!
...I want to be with thou,
but for now it isnt possible
,oh the distance.

For now I wil write further...
In a Darkness night,
Im tearing myself a last hair.
She tore the World apart.
The Word shes turn off a brightness.

Cant eat and
neither cant a smile.
Shuteye is a trap
and the Room a curse.

Dont a fool,dont despair
the Love is a illnes...
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Everything is loses
in a wounds of shrapnels.
In a tears you
hiding yours end.
The Angels singing
already not protect your view.

You were loved,
about a wings your lose.
It was love,
what to the Mind lying.
And in night,
you cant fin...
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Prophecy of destiny
a small river leads
a tears farther.
In a drops they are
lose a names of loves.
Experience of illusion,
reason for a laughter
the Lost days.

Illusion of sin,
all was only a dream.
They rightly led me
a warnin...
In a thousands fervency
and the Pain of days.
In a blazing embrace
and approaching the end.
The silent is again a filling.
And yours words a blades.

Gracefully thou
coming and leave.
Thou beauty with shackle
and leave a pain.

Steps ...
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In a middle of the storm
come out a pain.
Inhabits a souls separated
and a crying
a kids its a medicine.
In the words a tears wilt
and a heart dies.
The next mornings be
the Blind Man a Leader.

Im hiding a pain in a lines
and your heart...
I don't understand why I can't be again Yours,
I don't understand why you can't whisper to me ... I LOVE YOU.
Regardless of deeds from the past,
act according to the voice in your heart ...

I lose my tears of forgetting in time,
so please close t...
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The Sun long since not a shine,
disappeared the smile your.
I hate the world,
His Pain!

The Love the hand a give it
and a time takes.
From kisses the desert,
after a hugs a chill.

I understand my words,
but not yours.
I Know where t...
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