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Love poems

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Its a sin,
to have you glad.
Its a sin,
believe and embracing.
Its a folly,
to just see you.

Every night
and a second of hit.
With each heartbeat.
Its a sin.

to just see you.
to trust your smile.
Its a sin.
Still we are lying mind.
We suffer
complex of romanticism.
We love and tears a wipe.
Still loving thou
and sometimes I see.

Let the heart breaks,
if I didnt loving thou.
Worlds burns of anger,
if we are not wrong.

We tr...
Do you hear me.

Just Iam make a mistakes.
We were wrong.


Like this bleed a heart.
Walks in a roses,
but him just a injures.

Ill be waiting thou!

Thou gave sense
of my stupid life.
Already at the moment
of first ...
Im still make mistakes
and still love.
I Drink and bleed.
Im still bleed
and still fall.
Iam constantly write.

Im alway bleed.
Im alway falling.
Im steadily yours victim.
Im still I love
and the rain takes
the lines as a street.
Please gently seal the pain of my soul,
carefully wrap up your body around mine.
Let's softly walk in a moonlight together,
I know, with you, I will be just fine.
With a soft voice, sing me a song about angels,
please lead the way and hold my hand....
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I feel that the first time was so easy,
when I look back at being in love,
to which I will later compare memories,
that cut through my heart.

The first kiss, meeting and phone call,
 hand in hand, a moment so new.
 The first feeling, feeling of spe...
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I get lost in the dimness of my own silence,
in a song of three words, the words I love you.
You're the only one I like to lose everything with,
you're the one I'm still dreaming of ...

I dream of touches hidden by the moon line,
shrouded in the myste...
Within a single cold of rain night.
Within a single minute,
I repeat a words of loves.
I promises and the Lips
toward yours i enclose.
All them seem like a fairytale,
as a dream.
All of is so easy.
Wings an air helplessly fluttering
and the he...
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When i couldn't sleep
and it was dark,
with a little steps
you slipped into my heart.
I'm sitting and thinking,
how can it be,
maybe you somewhere
tripped over the key.
I know that our friendship
means a lot,
well, your only task i...
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