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Abstract poems

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icon 04.07.2020 icon 0x icon 39x
Bandage me –
so I be not moving
so that I be still
Me – kept apart from Her
in me – be free
so that I be nurtured
with white sustenance through –

There be the times I tend to forget
I begged Them for bending me –
for imbedding Me
in my ...
AXY flag
icon 14.06.2020 icon 3x icon 182x
"At the fall a tree got naked
I was starring from my window,
when the day was almost gone
And i can't help it,
but somehow i knew
i went too far,
yet came to nowhere"
icon 06.04.2020 icon 1x icon 278x
Having no will no live –
Wanting to want
Longing to long
for life
between my fingers
empty fault
full of void
full of pain
whose fault is it now –
For those that lived to die
for them, I´ll try – to-day
yet I feel nothing
my senses h...
icon 02.02.2020 icon 0x icon 326x
I won´t tell – no one
No body is mine
I´m nobody´s
I borrowed it in a shop
of pretence
to pretend I am –
I don´t tell anybody
what I am
for I am scared
to Be.
burnt at the stake
with my sisters
I love fire but
hate the smo...
I may have gone too far
from life
like an astronaut that aimed for the moon
ending up among stars
a lonely wanderer
let us wonder
whence he came
he won´t tell us
for he don´t remember
only a cloudy memory,
a piece ...
Aesthetification is a process by which
we ascribe a value – to the world
according to the measurement
we have made up half-sleeping
and halfs-awake are killing
rather than the sleepers
who muse in their dreams
which scatter – reality...
icon 05.01.2020 icon 0x icon 224x
Approximation – is the hardest task
for the temptation that rises
as you near the object of your affection
it glows like a firefly
but when you threaten to touch it –
it flickers and flees – to the night,
or, dissolves in your fingers
of fond ido...
Day´s sunlight scorches me
Burns my pale skin
Flames, that is what scares me
And yet I oftentimes meet them
On my journey to the centre of the earth
Can you see the whisper
Can you hear the Judge
Coming down with you
And I don´t know anymore –...
icon 02.12.2019 icon 0x icon 185x
Encapsulated in my Own
That´s what you always wanted
But now You is holding you
Scared, uncomfortable,
That Closeness
Seems too much
But to escape, you have caught that chance,
Once –
Never, never again
Go with It, l...
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