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icon 15.01.2021 icon 0x icon 247x
The Sun long since not a shine,
disappeared the smile your.
I hate the world,
His Pain!

The Love the hand a give it
and a time takes.
From kisses the desert,
after a hugs a chill.

I understand my words,
but not yours.
I Know where t...
I Have only one Night
and Here I Give you.
I Fell from Heavens.,
already no Wonder.

I wandered in the Night
over the City I flews Over.
And in today all of Ends!

I Betrayed the Faith,
the Love Returned.
I Was Knocked down was,
icon 12.01.2021 icon 0x icon 87x
The Strings of Guitars a fell silent
and the Night is Over.
The Glass as Kissses disappeared
and Iam Leaving.

Why the Day doesnt hold back
and that your Smile.
Why alone again them Iam Leaving with the Shadow.

Is Only One Way
and this ar...
icon 11.01.2021 icon 0x icon 63x
I Have So in hand a Might,
Destiny What In a Darkness
night a Wanders.
Know so Their Angel
and Understand their mistakes.

I Walk repeatedly Farther
again in a Darkness.
Iam on the Magic a Drunken.
The Desire a Tempt.

Know why the Tears...
icon 10.01.2021 icon 0x icon 68x
In the Silent Night I efface the Last Message.
Always me a Suffice the Alone.
In the Arms a Separation,
the Days Led.
Once allegedly I Will Into,
Alone I Will Lose.

She Come are You
and all of them me returns.
The Word me Handed Out
icon 09.01.2021 icon 0x icon 79x
We Have Left over us the Dream.
Bitterness of ordinary Days.

The truth Cant never will Find.

We was as a Birds.

Above everything a Preferment.

A Escapes to Burnings Night

...the ticket to new days.

We have aga...
In the Steps the Morning alone Iam a lost.

The Mysterious are Disappearance, Thou Steps a Tempting.

Head a Spinning In a Hope.

The Shadow Again wins.

She Told me so Come

,Already no More!

...the Knife again Holding
AXY flag
icon 14.06.2020 icon 3x icon 548x
"At the fall a tree got naked
I was starring from my window,
when the day was almost gone
And i can't help it,
but somehow i knew
i went too far,
yet came to nowhere"
icon 23.03.2020 icon 0x icon 383x
The moon in the water;
Broken and broken again,
Still it is there
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