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You will pass through the fire uninjured.
You are like as of ice,
my love.
Cold you are
and break the heart, life steal.
The fervency extinguishes
with your walking.
Heavens are falling apart
and heart awake.
The smile becomes bitter
and da...
I Have here bourbon,
book itemized.
Solitude and suffering.

Whiskey disappear,
thoughts are strange
and a time commands to leave.

Its time to talk.
Its time to leave.
Everything set by a path.
In tears torture
...everything goodbye ...
How much love i gave
and steps executed.

How many times im spoke.

Stars fell, places they changed
and steps disapier.

I see sadness.
In eyes tears
and heart scars.
We didnt find words.
I see solitude
and bitter end.
I see he...
As a poet bleed,
the mind will be lost forever.

Trying to a writing a love song,
but the memories hurts him.
And as is a mind is lost,
so has a heart have a total eclipse.

Not a single one of senses
doesnt understand words of farewell.
We Heatedly love
and heart they die.

We dont care
from kisses of life.

Still on we make mistakes.

...and constantly we make mistakes.

And so on
Iam loses in my mind.
Still on Iam walk in thorns.
How are must be a strong the Hea...
From the silent night rise a pain.
In a burning heart
and ravine of tears.
Without hope, without faith.
All is loses in a shadows.

Bitter is lie
and cruel true.
Without blame and anger
all over everything fell.

Bitter is air
and ros...
We live ours tempo.
We offer shards of soul.
We Plainly love.
We hope in paradise.

We are drowning in memories,
we are Liyng to a mind
and sometimes we kiss.

...sometimes you Ill stroke.

Is desperately to walk alone.
Without love a...
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Its a sin,
to have you glad.
Its a sin,
believe and embracing.
Its a folly,
to just see you.

Every night
and a second of hit.
With each heartbeat.
Its a sin.

to just see you.
to trust your smile.
Its a sin.
Still we are lying mind.
We suffer
complex of romanticism.
We love and tears a wipe.
Still loving thou
and sometimes I see.

Let the heart breaks,
if I didnt loving thou.
Worlds burns of anger,
if we are not wrong.

We tr...
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