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Who gave them that gun?
Who that insolence he had.
Who cried the words...

Who a takes the Smile
and a burns the Heat?

Darling again
bullets takes.
But not my life.
Iam writing to
thou a letter short.
So far I live.

Just let it thunders and
the Lightnings me a Rip.
In the rain them
the Life a changed.
I experience hailstorm.

..Not it so bad
Washes it the lies
and a false.
But and yours smile!

Angel name not
indicate goodness.
Iam not fool....
In a Darkness night,
Im tearing myself a last hair.
She tore the World apart.
The Word shes turn off a brightness.

Cant eat and
neither cant a smile.
Shuteye is a trap
and the Room a curse.

Dont a fool,dont despair
the Love is a illnes...
icon 03.05.2021 icon 0x icon 37x
Everything is loses
in a wounds of shrapnels.
In a tears you
hiding yours end.
The Angels singing
already not protect your view.

You were loved,
about a wings your lose.
It was love,
what to the Mind lying.
And in night,
you cant fin...
icon 02.05.2021 icon 0x icon 35x
Prophecy of destiny
a small river leads
a tears farther.
In a drops they are
lose a names of loves.
Experience of illusion,
reason for a laughter
the Lost days.

Illusion of sin,
all was only a dream.
They rightly led me
a warnin...
icon 01.05.2021 icon 0x icon 40x
Must be magic,
like a stars the Love disappears.
Sometime i ask,
whether the Love not a dust.

Silently I walk hallway,
candles shines
and a blackness her defeats.
Await in her the Hand
is a dream.

Stand in the Place
is like Walk ...
In a thousands fervency
and the Pain of days.
In a blazing embrace
and approaching the end.
The silent is again a filling.
And yours words a blades.

Gracefully thou
coming and leave.
Thou beauty with shackle
and leave a pain.

Steps ...
icon 30.04.2021 icon 0x icon 14x
In a middle of the storm
come out a pain.
Inhabits a souls separated
and a crying
a kids its a medicine.
In the words a tears wilt
and a heart dies.
The next mornings be
the Blind Man a Leader.

Im hiding a pain in a lines
and your heart...
icon 06.04.2021 icon 0x icon 461x
Don't cry ...
Don't turn love to tears and pain....
Even if you get tired of life
and there is no other way ...

Don't cry ...
Don't turn hope to drops of salt,
I know it hurts a lot
but it's not just your own fault ...

Don't cry...
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