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Its a sin,
to have you glad.
Its a sin,
believe and embracing.
Its a folly,
to just see you.

Every night
and a second of hit.
With each heartbeat.
Its a sin.

to just see you.
to trust your smile.
Its a sin.
Still we are lying mind.
We suffer
complex of romanticism.
We love and tears a wipe.
Still loving thou
and sometimes I see.

Let the heart breaks,
if I didnt loving thou.
Worlds burns of anger,
if we are not wrong.

We tr...
Do you hear me.

Just Iam make a mistakes.
We were wrong.


Like this bleed a heart.
Walks in a roses,
but him just a injures.

Ill be waiting thou!

Thou gave sense
of my stupid life.
Already at the moment
of first ...
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In hiden place.
In memories from childhood.
Flared up the war.
Nuclear cloud.

Give me a reason.
Give me a change.
Remember hapence.
Childrens tears.
All the miss in

In longing heart,
all its lost.
Nothing of holy...
Im still make mistakes
and still love.
I Drink and bleed.
Im still bleed
and still fall.
Iam constantly write.

Im alway bleed.
Im alway falling.
Im steadily yours victim.
Im still I love
and the rain takes
the lines as a street.
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When you're not with me, I don't feel alive,
through my fingers loneliness flows.
I'm so alone at the crossroads of life,
and I wander in the dark when I don't have you aside.

 I'm lost when you're suddenly not here,
 I'm looking for you, so tell me w...
I Remember them a abrupt rain.
The smile warm.
Fingers that Night through
ran your hair.
The Rain whispers approach closer.
In a embrace of laughter
them the Bodies shook
and the Day them hid behind a moon.

For always thou will be the only on...
Where just they lead a steps yours.
Steps a night allurement.
In a puddles they will leave a tracks.
In a heart the scars.

Dont close your eyes,
a mind is hungry.

The Heart breaks for half.
It breaks with thought.
Where we are were.
When the night burns the Memories.
Tears lead emotion.
And heart bleed.
Ill be holding on!

When a morning them veil in the dark
and night in the cold.
I will hope!

Why a birds wet a wings.
Why betrayal in a Life sings.
Words fall and e...
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