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Básničky, básně

POEMS for you and your loved ones


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Curiously, we might have been
searching for light
the medusa head at the entering
has not made us run
Above the entrance stood a sign
telling us to keep quiet
and we screamed and screamed and screamed
until our ribs have torn our pitiful bodies apar...
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Carved imprint of our former self
Is gone
is name
based on enchanted day
full of houses in the sky
unreachable to the damaged
there´s plentiful of cry in the sun
but our eyes can´t see
they are burning within and without
who could care...
Where are you headed
you ask me
my response is never audible
not even to myself
I can only sing my song in quietness
of my soul
through the sparks from the fire in the night
I sing
through the woods full of fallen trees
I sing
through the p...
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Let the pain tear you
upside down
inside out
let the forge burn you bright
let the maelstrom succumb you
into primordial chaos
Ahab will chase you
let him
come closer
you can swim across all the seas
you won´t escape
but once you go to t...
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Will coming a night and is like a hopelessness.
Is criminal, dismal, plays with paints.
...i will get up and fight ...so that he could live a life

Ill grab the Love, catch the might of the night.
We will fight with hopelessness in threat.
I will be wi...
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