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Again an Alone
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We Have Left over us the Dream.
Bitterness of ordinary Days.

The truth Cant never will Find.

We was as a Birds.

Above everything a Preferment.

A Escapes to Burnings Night

...the ticket to new days.

We have again alone.

We have chosen a silence.

When thou Heart an Opens,

when your mounth is Silent.

Why me yours Steps lead as compass to Heart.

We have must Learn an Live with Alone.

...on the Drab Days.

We Have Left over us the Dream

...we have chosen a Silence

A Looks in a bottle Calm I Didnt Find

...In a Bitterness of Ordinary Days.

We have again alone.

We have chosen a silence

....protection befere a Dangerous

We have Playd with Fire

and they I Saw thou Charm.

In a Longs night,the Burning beds.

I Was not an Alone.

You Tore Apart a Wings

and showed a Apathy.

Iam again an Alone

In Solitude a Drowned.
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