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Básničky, básně

POEMS for you and your loved ones


icon 09.08.2012 icon 5x icon 1884x
Heart of stone they called me once, as heat turned into cold.
But my soul was only hardening because it knew not what to hold.
I grew tired in a way that not too many can say they've been through.
In fact the people that were closest to...
icon 09.08.2012 icon 6x icon 2243x
The world may not have physically ended, but it has come to an end. Can the world ever amend? Is the welfare of our people something God could ever lend?
The poor and shaggy sad hungry people set the eery tone. What's happened to all the fresh new minds, the ones tha...
icon 08.08.2012 icon 6x icon 1451x
Time. Time sings to me words so coldly spoken. It attempts to capture a weary heart- one that's beat and broken.

Pain. Pain is weakness but great strength for the dark. And in the night it seeks the wounded, to leave it's wrecked mark.

Love. Love is just a...
icon 08.08.2012 icon 6x icon 1613x
We spend so much time searching for relationships we want-the loves we share invade our dreams, and in our souls they haunt.

Cant go to sleep without them, we sit wishing for our pair, knowing that this love we found is something strong and rare.

icon 07.08.2012 icon 7x icon 1521x
Howling Proto-Sapiens,
Reaching for the moon,
As we teach them,
In their simple ways,
Where they will go,
When the future takes hold,
And they gave on us, As messengers,
From some inconceivable “God”,
Carrying on our stories,
In their archaic ...
icon 07.08.2012 icon 6x icon 2137x
We wander,
Shining bright as stars,
Down roads tossed,
by wind and storm.

The cavalry has come,
threw blinding lights,
of past and future,
traveling portals

Time is not linier,
a dizzying thought,
to those who have,
never travele...
icon 07.08.2012 icon 5x icon 1496x
With in a dream my love was caught,
By the one I cannot find,
Who searched for me as I searched for him.

My hands shook when I first saw him,
Hi piercing silver eyes caught mine,
I didn’t see his slender hand enslave my heart.

He spoke and my b...
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