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Over Taking My Rainbow

Over Taking My Rainbow
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I computer click name, Ruby

He sat beside love keys framed
Getting hotter playing Rugby

Overlooking the rainbow recharged
Feeling submerged

She said stop distracting me

Sometimes your words burn me

My heart he woos me

Religious rainbow colors

Heals me hurry please harbors

In other words energy strong

But the rainbow overpowered him

The rainbow fits the glass trim

energy hits me rainbow waves

curled inside his shirt collar

How it camouflaged moon solar

What a system her register jingled open
He was ripened like a rainbow her

lucky charms.
But He disappeared bewildered on his face

Couldn't find his right rainbow on earth

Producing a craving so worth

She risked a glance preserve together

Does it get better?

Rainbow pieces silver betrayal

Her swirled lips words cordial

You’re a dangerous man his

Expression remotely built a fire
Stong heard heard

He winced away from the word

Rainbow could melt my heart without

Trying but I’m not buying

The rainbow comes killer seasons

Heels keep clicking dream-over
come over is it over?

What’s inside two hearts highlight?

Rainbow shadows countless night

Did I overlook love two hearts wrong?

He entered me like an epiphany

Fire and Ice song melts Rhapsody


So powerful she hears

There’s no place like home tears

But heart goes rainbow recession
But he's the only love possession

Rainbow cooking a love roué
Stars sparkle passionate blue
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