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A Kiss 4 This
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What's in a kiss? Love test don't remiss?

How he trailed her down her waist

the heat exploded eternal cave.

Oceanic abyss she has the perfect waves.

Love poem developing heart weight.

Titanic heavy gold freight.

His kiss what was told

Lovely mapped being sold.

Waiting for the big wish?

Love sometimes goes
and pain visits

The kiss went way up in digits

We chose the wish bad omen to exit
He loves me not he loves me fantasies

Modern kiss met my galaxies.

*Far sky blue*

*No way out is it true*

*A kiss for this*

The person you cannot hold a candle to you miss

Love dismiss, beginning to the end?

So inspiring his kiss blows on your cheek

She's the Divination smooch kiss seek

Venus or love minus? Ingenious

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