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Básničky, básně

POEMS for you and your loved ones


icon 16.08.2012 icon 12x icon 2494x
I love the way your shadow moves,
It fits the sound of every room,
No sooner spoken than broke,
It drains the light from every hue.

I want to watch the weight.
Of the sun.

You're lips move inward,
But you know the rules,
Erase all...
icon 16.08.2012 icon 13x icon 3522x
She's the diamonds in the night,
And I am the canvas of shade,
She's the snowflakes falling from the sky,
And I am the clouded gray,
As her mirrors cast their light,
I am without a face,
From the egg till stricken blind,
I am the white,
Although Shakespeare and I
Will never make it eye to eye
Neither do we share a special bond
Nor do our views really correspond

But still I am forced to remember
His tragedies which bring me pain
Where the most important member’s
Fatal fla...
icon 15.08.2012 icon 13x icon 4158x
I know it’s been long
I’ve wasted too much time
I have been wrong
But this time I am right
Won’t settle for anything less
Now I know what I want
It’ll reach my destination
Its my turn this time
‘Coz I am seeking perfection
Only god knows since...
icon 15.08.2012 icon 12x icon 4266x
Tonight I’ll stay awake
And collect my feathers
Of my wings which once were there
But now are broken

My first feather fell
When I was born to be a girl
A disgrace and an disappointment
A burden I was considered

My second feather fell
icon 15.08.2012 icon 13x icon 3160x
The cuckoo bird wakes me up
With her sweet, sweet voice
The cuckoo bird is what I hear
When I am tired of the world’s noise

The cuckoo bird stays on the tree
Day and night she works hard
The cuckoo bird stays on the tree
Her nest is ready at l...
icon 09.08.2012 icon 5x icon 2510x
I will not subject myself to even more pain.

Every move I make next, will all be in vain.

I cared, but now I shouldn't, for I haven't known you long enough.

No matter what I say though, the going will be tough enough.

icon 09.08.2012 icon 5x icon 2269x
Heart of stone they called me once, as heat turned into cold.
But my soul was only hardening because it knew not what to hold.
I grew tired in a way that not too many can say they've been through.
In fact the people that were closest to...
icon 09.08.2012 icon 6x icon 2651x
The world may not have physically ended, but it has come to an end. Can the world ever amend? Is the welfare of our people something God could ever lend?
The poor and shaggy sad hungry people set the eery tone. What's happened to all the fresh new minds, the ones tha...
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