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The Collective Eye
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We trek across an amorphous dream
Vague shapes weave into obscurities
Drawing me in
Extending a hand behind a smiling guise.

Spiral front and then back again
In a barrel we spin in disarray
Forehead sweats
Reaching to wipe the tears from another eye.

Mind eclipses everything external
Augmenting the brilliance of its lantern
Shades dance against the flame
Restraining what I can hardly see.

Over and under
Forms writhe in the fire
Spinning and twisting
Higher and brighter
I close my eyes in the shade
While the light is caressing my brain
I close my eyes in the shade
While the light is caressing.

Lids enclose blackened eyes
The shadow swallows all you've dreamed
Hands move within the darkness
Searching blindly for the seams
The deafening sound of beating wings
Contempt soars under a black crow's cries
I set it free and the tone grows dimmer
Umbra's silent melody awakening the light
A brilliant white beaming through a hole
Convulsing radiance stirring in the gloom
I draw closer and place my hands in
To tare the night right in two.

Wipe the cold from my third eye.
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