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A place to stay
A place to go
When all is gone
When you don´t know
About how you got here
About how you backtracked from yourself
How belittled you are, now,
In this light that burns, itching your pale skin
But I don´t want to die, you whisper,
I don´t want to melt into the unity of ashes,
Me and the tar, it is then so easy to spread us
on the road, the asphalt, I´ve always wondered why –
I´ve so often scratched it from the surface of a summery road in the heat
When it melted
I didn´t know, but I must have reckoned – somehow
That there were souls in that dark material
entrapped, and all I wanted was to get them out
And so I formed little balls, little entities,
with little souls hidden behind the odour
I have kept them safe, in a dark, cold room
of the old house
And yet they yearned the sun.

But, gosh, I´ve been protecting them so hard,
so madly, as if to prevent me from becoming – them – one day
as if to prevent the great star to thaw what matters in me, in me, in me –
as if to prevent the ocean from dissolving me into the formless foam
If I want to stay sentient, I must – keep them – keep me – parted from daylight
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