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Numbing silence
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It hurts so much, this feeling of rage,
of passion - undiscovered,
Never told, never to be told,
Never ought to be felt
By me – by you,
Many, after this, just – Break
The moment, rise, do nothing
Or anything
Still the same this stillness, soundless silence,
Sitting on my nerves,
Numbing sounds of leaden hands
Squeezing the heart of its last juice
And just be gone
To the life – Never
To feel – like This never happened
Because it didn´t – Nothing happened
That is why it hurts so much, this silence, unseen - unheard - unfelt, nothing,
Nothingness in me, Ground Zero
Mashed to the Ground, Point Zero, pointing everywhere from nowhere - to me
All the lines of pain crossing in me, and – Stopping in my very centre – Killing me with numbness
Only a slight light of pain, a ray of pain, I welcome – Him
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