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For sex dolls things you don't know

For sex dolls things you don't know
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What is the difference between life dolls and conventional sex dolls?
Of course, political love dolls are good too, but you just can't compare them to real dolls.One of the people affected is usually a normal doll that does not belong to the whole body. For a real doll, the emphasis on realism means the emphasis on realism! The most realistic permanent make-up sex dolls are real. The hair usually also looks from natural female hair. Sew them onto the scalp. You cannot find cheap wigs on realistic sex dolls.


What distinguishes a real love doll?
We already know the answer between realistic dolls and sex dolls. But why does a real doll look so realistic? The answer to this question is very simple: a new technology kit. Modern machines can not only be eyes, nose and ears, but also the best facial features and details. Thanks to this skeleton, people heard the opportunity to listen to the poses of the doll. It can be said that all possible positions are possible with realistic sex dolls. Pass, there is absolutely no problem. Common materials from sex dolls can also differentiate them all. These belong to Pesich, a large part of the beige dolls that use TPE material today. But silicones are also in the foreground. These materials are contacted because they do not contain plasticizers such as body heat, which makes this material the first. A real silicone doll can keep you warm and protect you like a real woman.

These days, of course, RealDolls are becoming increasingly popular for a reason. It can be said that the so-called sex doll is famous for all its honors. You need to check carefully if it is a real person or TPE sex doll. This is not surprising as this doll lasts over 120 hours. A sex doll clothing is specially made by specialized experts. The doll's body is very precise. The inside of the doll also has a lot of value. Most of the dolls have a metal skeleton. The face consists of a special mask image.

After all, the dolls even make permanent makeup. One can say that such a doll is a real work of art. Sex dolls have many advantages. She feels like a real woman. Due to the use of high quality materials, such dolls are also very flexible. In general, it can be said that you can try all the poses with sex dolls. In many cases, it is impossible for a real woman to do this.
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