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2357/5000 Real and beautiful doll

2357/5000 Real and beautiful doll
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Passion, desire, and sex are an important part of life for almost everyone. There are many things in personal preference because people who like, dislike, open, close, want and dislike are different during sex.

Condom manufacturers have also clearly noticed the progress of the German love doll pandemic. They said that we have actually seen a sharp increase in condom sales over the past few months. Compared to the same month last year, sales almost doubled. This shows that Germans are becoming more aware of sexual safety. Although we don't know if these products are used on humans or sex dolls.

Movies can be comforting, and even pornography is very popular right now. The feminist porn producer reported that more people were watching her films than usual, and live airtime on her platform increased by 20% to 30%. The pornographic film portal "Pornhub" announced a few days ago on Twitter that people living in Italy should now be able to use premium premium services free of charge. Until the beginning of April, users can freely upload pictures and videos with a wide variety of not only real people but also use of sex toys including realistic love dolls.

For some sex workers, the epidemic has had a huge impact. Some sex workers said they had some reserves, but they had lost their jobs completely and might need to rest for at least a few weeks. However, others cannot. In addition, the federal and state governments have decided to close the brothel. Some counseling centers stated that many sex workers also live here and that some of them no longer have any accommodation. Sex workers who have no choice but to work at lower prices are now starting to work.

On the other hand, the disease pandemic is making life in small shops difficult. There are some Sex Dolls shops on the street that have to be closed now. They sell toys, bedding, and various accessories. Most of them don't have an online shop. They have few reserves, the prosperity of some people means the crisis of others, and the situation of the owners is simply catastrophic.
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